Relationships During Christmas

December 22, 2020

 In your relationships with one another, have the same mindset as Christ Jesus… Philippians 2:5 

Christmas will be here before we know it and what better way to honor the birth of Jesus than by reflecting God’s love in our homes and marriages.

The Christmas season can add extra stress in relationships. Many couples feel that marriage is so complicated—but maybe marriage is easier than you think!

Ted Lowe, the Director of MarriedPeople, offers these suggestions:

  1. Be nice.
  2. Don’t say everything you think.
  3. Pick up after yourself.
  4. Don’t mention your spouse’s messiness.
  5. Hug your spouse without the goal of initiating anything else.
  6. Don’t get frustrated with your spouse’s mistakes.
  7. Ask your spouse how they are doing.
  8. Don’t be on your phone during mealtime.
  9. Look at your spouse’s face when they are talking.
  10. Laugh at your spouse’s humor whether it’s funny or not.
  11. Leave your spouse a Post-It note of gratitude.
  12. Do a chore your spouse dislikes.

I’ve heard it said that marriage is made up of micro-moves. Put these 12 into practice and have a very Merry Christmas with the one you love. 

Michelle Hayes

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