Organist - Dr. Jeremy Peterman - La Casa de Cristo Scottsdale, Arizona Lutheran Church

91-Rank Berghaus Pipe Organ

The Berghaus Pipe Organ at La Casa De Cristo Lutheran Church

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The Berghaus Organ Opus 224 is a beacon of majesty and glory that soars to the heights of the beautiful sanctuary of La Casa de Cristo. This 91-Rank Berghaus pipe organ is truly an eclectic instrument. It is called 91-rank because it contains 91 ranks, 92 stops, and 5,067 pipes. The console is comprised of four manuals and a 32-note pedal board. The organ was completed in 2008 and its architectural design was inspired by the landscape of the McDowell Mountains.

From the September 2009 edition (pp. 30-31) of the magazine The Diapason, you can read an exhaustive description of the organ. This article discusses its sound palette, aesthetic design, types of wood and metals used, and a list of ranks. Click on this PDF file to access the article or visit www.thediapason.com/cover-feature-50.

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92-Rank Berghaus Organ, Arizona's 2nd largest

Click here to see before and after pictures of the organ’s construction, as provided by the Berghaus Organ Pipe Builders website. The organ at La Casa is their Magnum Opus—their largest work—and whether played forte or piano, it truly enriches the worship experience and magnifies the holy Word of God.

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