Problem Kids from Favorite Bible Families

Problem Kids from Favorite Bible Families

Are they a by-product of modern society or have we always had them? Find out during this five week bible study.

Sundays, Jul 30 – Aug 27 – 10:30am
Room A

Is it possible for God-fearing, church-going families to produce children who cause major headaches and heartaches?  Did some of our Biblical ancestors actually have problem kids?  How did that happen? Don’t problem kids come from dysfunctional families?  Discover how today’s problem child is just the latest in a long line of our Biblical ancestors.  Peek into the pages of the Bible to see how they dealt with their unruly, stubborn, selfish, greedy, jealous, competitive, promiscuous, disrespectful, incestuous, and murderous children.

Each week we will look at a different family story taken from the pages of the Bible.  No-homework classes are taught lecture-style but comments, questions and discussion are encouraged.

Liz Lucas has many years of instruction focusing primarily on Biblical personalities and their backstory.  Her unique teaching style makes her classes fun and educational!    Liz is retired from La Casa de Cristo and teaches several classes each year.   

She and her husband Al love to travel.   

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