All is Well

September 3, 2020

She said, “All is well.”   2 Kings 4:23

A childless woman went out of her way to provide a room where Elisha, a man of God, could rest when he came into town. To repay her, Elisha told her God would allow her to have a baby. And she did. She had a boy. But then the boy died. So, she laid her son on Elisha’s bed and went to find Elisha. When her husband asked why she was going out, she said simply, “All is well.” She repeated the phrase to Elisha’s servant, who, seeing her coming, asked if anything was wrong (2 Kings 4:26) and in the end, all was well, for Elisha brought the boy back to life.

Imagine what would have happened if she’d been paralyzed by worry. If she’d kept repeating, “All is wrong.” The point? Go the way of this woman. No matter what is happening, know that God has a plan. Somehow, He’ll make everything turn out right.

Lord, I know You make all things work out to Your good. Help us adopt the mantra that no matter what things look like to us, all is well in You.

Jennine Ulibarri

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