Christmas Angel Tree 2020

Angel Tree
This year’s Christmas Angel Tree program will look different from previous years. The need is as great or greater this year, but so is the need to keep the program safe for all participants. The way the program has been done has meant many hands touching each item, from purchasing and wrapping gifts, to drop-off at church, to delivery to homes or La Sagrada Familia. This year, to keep everyone safe, we are asking for gift cards or financial donations, given online or by check. We are not “adopting” children or families. Our Angel Tree Team at La Sagrada and Campo Bello will distribute the donated gift cards and funds to every family and child that would have been adopted by La Casa de Cristo. You may also give Christmas cards, which will be delivered to families. The deadline to bring donations to the church or give online is Sun., Dec. 6.

Here are a few examples of how varying amounts of gift cards or money will help families:

  • One Child—$60 for gifts
  • Three Children—$180 ($60 per child for gifts)
  • Family of 3 (1 child)—$130 for child’s gifts and for food for family
  • Family of 4 (2 children)—$190 for children’s gifts and for food for family
  • Family of 6 (4 Children)—$310 for children’s gifts and for food for family

We are requesting Target, Wal-Mart, or Fry’s gift cards. You may hand-deliver them to the church office from 9 am-4 pm, Monday-Friday, or drop them in the offering boxes at worship in an envelope marked Angel Tree. Please do not mail gift cards or drop them through the office drop-slot after hours.

If you prefer to make a financial donation:
  • Give online by clicking HERE and then choose Quickly Give Now or Login to access the pull-down menu. Choose Angel Tree and enter the amount you wish to give. Online donations may be made by credit card or bank account debit.
  • Write a check to La Casa de Cristo designating Angel Tree in the memo line and drop it off or mail it to the church office. You may also drop off checks in the offering boxes at worship in an envelope marked Angel Tree.
Donated funds will be used to purchase gift cards from the stores listed above, to be used for food and children’s gifts.
If you’d like to add a personal touch, feel free to include a Christmas card with your donation. We especially welcome cards created by La Casa’s children. While we will not provide specific family and children’s names or interests this year, we know that everyone involved would love to receive a note or Christmas greeting that shares the love of Christ during the holiest of seasons. We know many families enjoy shopping for their “adopted” families each year, so this can add a personal feel to the program and is a great way for children to get involved in sharing God’s love with those in need.

Thank you for giving what you can and being an amazing blessing to so many.

– The Angel Tree Team