AntiRacist Christianity

A Crucial Conversation about Racism

With Pastor Kenneth Davis

Monday nights at 7 pm at  LaCasaLive.com

September 14-November 30

No registration required.

Chapter 3

Racism After the Civil Rights Movement

Chapter 4

How Does Race Shape the Lives of White People?

Chapter 1

The Challenges of Talking to White People About Racism

Chapter 2

Racism and White Supremacy

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The truth about racism in America and American churches turns a mirror on our souls and pushes us to take a real look at who we truly are, who we are not, and who we could become. This online class, led by Pastor Kenneth Davis, will explore the book White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo. If you are interested, please purchase the book on your own. If you choose to buy from amazon.com, please consider using AmazonSmile, where a portion of your purchase will benefit La Casa de Cristo at no added cost to you.

In his video presentations, Pastor Davis will invite others to join him so that, he says, “this will not be a lecture but a roundtable dialogue on personal discoveries made as we unpack the difficult subject of racism. I invite you to come and GROW with us.” No registration is required for this class.

Anti-Racism Promo Video

“America has a complicated and incomplete history regarding race. As Christians, when we read the Bible, we recognize that events that happened thousands of years ago are still relevant today. We also see that scripture never hides the ugly parts of Biblical history when it comes to the people of God. The Bible reveals David’s adultery, Jonah’s selfishness, and Peter’s failure of faith.

Just as we can’t take out parts of the Bible that we don’t like, or that make us uncomfortable, we can’t just celebrate the shining moment of America and the American church’s history and then ignore the shameful aspects of that history. We either fully acknowledge that entire history or dismiss it all.”

-Lecrae Devaughn Moore