Youth Livestream and Zoom! (April 17)

Friday, April 17

Friday, April 17 Schedule:

  • 5:50pm ~ Youth Online chatroom and video countdown begins on
  • 6:00-6:30pm ~ Youth band worship and interactive messages from your leaders.
  • 6:30-7:00pm ~ Zoom Small Groups!

Questions from the “Into the Unknown” video:

  • Who is learning the Christian faith from you?
  • What are the most important character traits for followers of Jesus?
  • What do you need bigger faith for these days?
  • What are the great promises of God we can put our trust in?
  • When I think of “the unknown” I think of ____? I feel ____?
  • What risks are you taking in your life with your faith?
  • How can we be filled with the Holy Spirit?
  • Following Jesus’ example, what can we do to bring more light, life and love into the world?

We will have 8 Zoom groups that are password protected:

  1. Junior High Girls hosted by Pam Turman and other female leaders.
  2. Junior High Guys hosted by Eddie Medina and other guy leaders.
  3. Three High School Girl Small Groups hosted by the female leaders.
  4. Three High School Guy Small Groups hosted by the guy leaders.

The Goal of Zoom Groups:

  • Kids have shared that they miss their church friends and this is an opportunity for them to connect!
  • Zoom Meetings are only 40 minutes long and they will fly by fast they are so fun!
  • Get excited to hang with your church friends, share in a mini Bible study and prayer.

Meeting ID#’s and Passwords:

  • We will text blast our Junior High parents the Zoom Meeting ID# and password for those online meeting rooms.
  • The High School leaders will personally text high school youth in their small group the Zoom Meeting ID and password.
  • We utilize the waiting room feature so please use your first/last name (no nicknames) to be admitted into the meeting by the group host.


How to Join a Zoom Meeting

1) Create Account – Complete on ASAP and practice with it if you are not familiar.

  • A verification email will be sent to you.

2) Accept Invite to Join Meeting – Your meeting leader will text you a Meeting ID# and password to join their Zoom meeting.

  • Use a desktop or laptop computer with a webcam/microphone (Phones work too, just harder to view everyone).
  • Select “Join a Meeting” and type in the Meeting ID# and password provided to you by Chris, Suzan, or HS Leader.
  • You will want to click yes to sharing your computer’s video and audio.

In-Meeting Etiquette

  • Please keep your microphone muted except when talking (see image below) as background noises can be distracting (chompin on chips, dogs barking, your Billie Eilish music, etc.)

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