old testament basics Sunday Morning Classes

Old Testament Basics

In person with Nancy Butters

Nov. 1 – Dec. 13; 9:15-10:15am
Room B with Registration
Live Stream at LaCasaLive.com
  • Who came first, Moses or Noah? 
  • What is a minor prophet?
  • Who are Father Abraham’s many sons? 
  • What are the 12 tribes of Israel? 

Join us for a historical overview of the Old Testament, from Genesis to Malachi. The class is based on the book 30 Days to Understanding the Bible, but book purchase is optional.

No previous knowledge of the Bible is needed and there’s no homework. This lecture-style class will help you connect the dots of history in the Bible and answer your questions. New Testament Basics will be offered in the winter/spring.

Week 1

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Week 2

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