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Power Read the Bible

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You are invited to undertake a journey with all of La Casa de Cristo. Get ready to “take the plunge,” and read the Bible in 60 days, beginning Easter Sunday. That may seem like a short time to read your entire Bible, but what better time than now for your family to “plunge” into God’s Word!

Adults and teenagers can commit to reading 100% of the Bible or 33% of the Bible. Every family in our congregation will receive a free book of their choice: Day by Day (children’s Bible); Power Read the Bible (a companion guide to read 100% of the Bible in 60 days); or Journey of the Seed (a companion guide to read 33% of the Bible in 60 days).

Both of these books, by Jeff Anderson, include easy-to-follow reading charts (below). Or you may download the La Casa de Cristo app (on Google and Apple devices) and find the reading plan you are using at the bottom.bChildren 10 and younger can use the children’s bible Day by Day, by Karyn Henley. Each day, you will read one week of stories, Monday through Friday, with your children. Daily readings are listed below.

Power Read the Bible and Journey of the Seed are available at Amazon.com for $5.50 in paperback. Kindle versions are $5.50/$4.99 or free with Kindle Unlimited. CLICK HERE to order.

Day by Day is available at Amazon.com for $14.99, CLICK HERE to order.

A reminder that if you order books from Amazon.com, please sign up for AmazonSmile and a portion of your purchase will go to La Casa de Cristo. There are no extra charges, ordering and prices are the same. Sign up HERE.

Our pastors have committed to Power Read the Bible, along with our church staff, and we hope you will join us. Please register to make your commitment, then let’s begin this journey together.

If you have any questions, email julibarri@lacasadecristo.com.

There is a Plan For Everyone – We have several different ways for you to participate.

– We have a reading plan listed below to finish the bible in 60 days.

– We have a reading plan listed below for a reading of 33% of the bible.

– We have a book just for kids! You can find the reading plan below.

  • Phone App Instructions

– La Casa’s new Phone App has a way for you to stay ahead in your readings. Stay tuned for more information about our new app and this new feature we have installed on it.


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