Branching Out

Branch Out on the La Casa Family Phone Tree Line!


We are the Church….and through these tough times, we need to put the “unity” in our La Casa community. As long as social distancing lasts, our need for connection grows. So, whether you are at home alone or with your family, let’s do our best to stay connected. La Casa’s new call ministry program will do just that.


Get teamed up with another church member, or two, to stay connected via weekly phone calls.  You call them, they call you, it’s a great way to stay connected to the body of Christ.  If you would like to be a part of this ministry simply let us know below!  You will be matched with another church member.  Please connect with them and they will connect with you.  We are the church!

Branching Out
Full Name
Number of people you would like to be paired with
Does the church have permission to share your contact information with another person in this ministry? *

After you register our Parish Nurse will contact you.
Direct questions to Parish Nurse Elizabeth Geenen:


Did you know…?  The name “Branching Out” is a celebration that we are all in the church family tree together!  We “branch out” and stay connected through our common trunk of Jesus Christ!