Confirmation Weekend


October 17-18, 2020

After two years of exploring their Christian beliefs, our Freshman Confirmands will confirm their faith in Jesus!!

Level 3 Freshman Confirmands and Parents Important Information!


What are my teen’s responsibilities?

What should my teen wear while being recorded?

  • This most special occasion calls for nice, formal attire. It will be a day to remember!
  • Girls: Wear a nice white dress, knee to mid-calf length. Or you can wear a white skirt with a white top with sleeves or a sweater over straps. We encourage conservative jewelry.
  • Guys: Wear a white long sleeve button up with any color tie (or bowtie), slacks and dress shoes.


Confirmation Weekend 2020

  • Saturday October 17, 2020 5:00pm and Sunday October 18, 2020 8:00am, 9:15am and 10:30am
  • All parts will be pre-recorded and shown @ LaCasaLive.com
    The expectation is that every Confirmand will watch and support ALL 4 Services whether they are leading that Worship Service or not. Thank you for supporting your fellow confirmands.  Talk and support each other in the Chat Room 🙂
  • Confirmation Ceremony  will be @ 1:00pm
      This is a special service where Lutheran teenagers (many who started their Christian journey when their parents brought them to be baptized as a baby) now make a public “confirmation” that their faith is in Jesus Christ. The Confirmands will individually recite their memory verse via a slide show.  Your youth pastors will have a special message for you and some special gifts will be mailed in advance on behalf of your church. At the end of the meeting all confirmands will open their gifts together.
  • Confirmation Luncheon will be  placed on hold until we can meet again on campus.
  • On that day, Parents will join their Confirmand at the baptismal font for a special blessing and then at the altar for a prayer.


“We are so excited to celebrate the accomplishment of the confirmands in the development of their faith, and through this celebration we want to share how proud we are of the students who followed through on finishing this amazing step in their faith!”

This will be a day that celebrates your journey of developing your Christian faith and we hope you always remember it!