The Engagement Project


The Engagement Project
with Dr Del Tackett

Jan Robinson

Mondays – Oct 10 – Dec 12 – 7 – 8:30pm

Fellowship Hall

Del Tackett is coming to La Casa de Cristo in person on February 11, 2023!  This is not to be missed!! 

The Engagement Project is Dr. Del Tackett’s newest Biblical worldview series.  It is a series of tours that will take us on a marvelous quest of seeking the face of God.  As He allows, we will seek to gaze upon the Crown Jewel in His Nature – a quest we hope and pray will deeply transform the body of Christ.
We will be led to understand the incredible vision God has granted to us as His representatives on earth.  It will show us He has entrusted the primary work of the Kingdom to the common, everyday Christian.  As a result, this series will answer the question, “What should we do?”.  Dr. Del Tackett, the author of The Truth Project, and leader of this series, will help us answer this question and what you will see and hear might astound you.  It will change everything!
The class will be held in Fellowship Hall at 7:00 PM from October 10 – December 12, and be facilitated by Jan Robinson.  Please consider joining us.  You will not be disappointed.

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