Everything you do should be done in love

May 2, 2020

Everything you do should be done in love.
1 Corinthians 16:14

Ted Lowe, the Director of MarriedPeople offers these 5 things to remember as our marriages collide with the Coronavirus: (For the complete article visit MarriedPeople.org)

1. You can be hard to live with, too
When they (your spouse) mess up, ease up. Give them the grace you need now or are going to need soon.

2. You don’t like mean people either
Now that you aren’t wasting all your kindness on your co-workers and strangers, give it all to your spouse and expect nothing in return. You may be surprised how staggering helpful small doses of kindness can be for your marriage.

3. You’re weird, too
Some couples have a lot of differences. Every couple has some differences. There’s no better way to draw your spouse to you than accepting them, all of them. They need your acceptance now more than ever.

4. You can be NOT FUN, too
I fully understand the coronavirus is serious. How in the world could we ever forget? The reminders are everywhere. So, for the sake of doing your part, try to be at least semi-fun. And for all that is holy, if your spouse does or says something remotely funny, laugh!

5. You are not GOD either
Pray. When we spend time with Him, we become more like Him. Spend time with Him. Talk to Him. He is crazy about you. Don’t forget it. When we don’t forget, the people around us will always benefit.

Pray for your spouse and pray for you marriage. This too shall pass, but your marriage should last an eternity.

Michelle Hayes

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