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Talking About Money is Freeing

Financial Peace University

Preview Classes
Wed, Sep 6 @ 6:45p
Wed, Sep 13 @ 6:45p
Room A
To sign-up for this class contact
Joel Truemper
(630) 514-1852
Regular Class Schedule
Wed, Sep 6 @ 6:45p to
Wed, Nov 13 @ 6:45p
Room A
Are you wondering what this course is all about? Attend a no-obligation, informal preview session to find out how Financial Peace University can change your life. It is practical, entertaining and fun. Based on more than 800 verses of scripture, Financial Peace University is a proven plan that will work for you.
In these nine weekly sessions, led by Joel Truemper, you will be encouraged along the way as you get control of your money, stop struggling to make ends meet, learn to tell your money what to do, and change your family’s future.

For questions and information, please e-mail Nancy Berry,