Fitness Program – Week 4 of 6

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Total Miles Walked Last Week: 1,179!
Arrived at Destination: Mt. Ararat
Most Miles Biked: Matt Hatfield, 159 miles!
Most Miles walked/run: Lynn Harper, 54 miles!

Wow! You blew our last goal out of the water!!  We had a goal of 1,130 miles and you went 1,179 miles!!  You are working HARD!  Here’s our current status:
Week 1: 943
Week 2: 1,109
Week 3: 1,129
Week 4: 1,179
Every week has been a steady increase, keep it up!!
We have walked all the way to the border of Turkey and Armenia into a large mountain range!  We are here to celebrate Noah’s story!
Genesis 8:4 tells us that the Noah’s Ark finally came to rest on the Mountains of Ararat.  We have now arrived at the base of the tallest peak in Turkey, Mt. Ararat.

Mt. Ararat stands at an elevation of 16,854 feet.  It is a dormant volcano in the Armenian highlands and had its last eruption in 1840.  It is always capped snow, which makes it a beautiful site.
the Bible says that the ark landed in the “mountains of Ararat”.  This entire area is one large mountain range, so we don’t know if it was this peak, specifically, or just in this general area.  So, everyone split up, look around, and see what you can find.  Let’s find the ark!
Rita: “Pastor Matt! Pastor Matt!  I think I’ve found part of the ark!!”
Pastor Matt: “Hmm, let me look at that.  Yes, Rita, it looks like you have found a vintage piece of wood dating all the way back to 1996.  Keep looking!  Those of you on bikes — you go over there into the hills and look!  We’ll meet back here in an hour.”

Welcome back, everyone… did anyone find anything?
Rita: “I couldn’t find anything else…”

Pastor Matt: “Well, let’s sit down here and rest while we read a special verse in Noah’s story…”
Genesis 8:8 says, “But God remembered Noah and all the wild animals and the livestock that were with him in the ark, and he sent a wind over the earth, and the waters receded.”
The beautiful thing about this verse is that it reminds us of how God remembered Noah.  You see, God does not forget about us as his people. God always remembers us.
Remember that while you are out exercising.  Whether you are walking, running, biking, or whatever… remember that God remembers you.  With each step that you take, know that God knows you, remembers you, and loves you.
Alright my friends, rest stop is over, let’s get trekking!  On to our next site!  We only have two more to go!  See you next week.
PS: Remember that we have been able to increase our overall mileage steadily each week.  So, let’s keep that up and go even farther for our last couple of weeks!  Keep up the GREAT work!