Flu Shot

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No appointment necessary, first come first served basis

To make things go quickly that morning, please print the Flu Shot Print Out below and have it filled out when you come on Sunday.
Flu Shot Print Out

Complete all of section A and B, and be sure to initial and sign all the appropriate spaces of section C. DO NOT WRITE ANYTHING IN SECTION D.

Please bring your Insurance Card or Medicare ID Card with you.

We will have regular flu shot and High Dose Flu shot for those 65 and older.

If uninsured, flu shot is $20 (cash only).

If you had the Pneumonia Vaccine last year and want to have the 2nd dose this year you must do the following:

  • Call 480-962-4033
  • Ask to speak to Trevor or Mickey
  • Tell them you need them to look you up in the computer to determine what TYPE of pneumonia vaccine you received last year on October 13 at La Casa
  • You will need to know which one you received so that you can receive the correct type this year.

Questions contact Elizabeth at 480-948-1234 or elizabeth@lacasadecristo.com