Get Over It!

February 3, 2021

Special Guest Submission by Roger Hilderbrand:


Ever get tired of offering up the same old self-centered prayers?

Get over it! God is used to it. Why, because

He truly cares.As such, He knows what to expect from you.

In actions and words, some not intended for Him but who knew?

Fear not, Buckaroo, give those actions and words flight,
right into the arms of one who knows your plight.

Yes, He is aware there have been numerous times,

Amigo, when you did not seek Him out,

He who cherishes you and wants a relationship

with you, know this, without a doubt.

Get over it! You’re not going anywhere without Him.

Whether you are aware of it or not

your salvation was planned and bought

at a great price, your salvation central to His thoughts.

Get over it! Stand up. Rid yourself of feeling unworthy, full of despair,

ever remembering, He who created you is and always will be…. there.

Roger Hilderbrand

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