January 6, 2021

We have different gifts according to the grace given to each of us. If your gift is prophesying, then prophesy in accordance with your faith. Romans 12:6

Though I’m sure prophesying is not my gift, I’m not sure what gifts God wants me to use for Him. We all have God-given gifts. In fact, I believe all gifts come from Him. But what gifts do I possess that are to be used for Him? What can I do better or more than anyone else? 

I have often thought about this question but still do not really have an answer. I know that God uses me as He sees fit, but I’d like to know which part of the body I am. What gift or area is uniquely created in me for His use? As I ponder this question, it comes to mind that on a given day or in a set of circumstances the answer may change. I’m not saying that I have so many gifts that I have a hard time choosing. I’m simply saying that maybe it isn’t a specific area that I’m gifted in or one way in which God expects me to respond. Rather, if I look to Him to use me in any number of simple, small things, that is my purpose. Even though I would like a grand calling that might be really appealing, I think it is the small details to which I am called. This allows for His glory to be reflected back to Him instead of me being tempted to boast about my accomplishments. 

I pray that as I grow in faith I will find contentment in doing the small things to which I am called and not desire a grander or different call.

Lord in all things let me trust in you. Amen

Donna Bosley

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