God and Suffering

Disasters.  Accidents.  Cancer.  COVID-19.  Why does a loving and powerful God allow so much suffering?  What answers does the Bible give us?  What comfort are we given in the midst of suffering?  In this class — taught online by Pastor Carol Peters in weekly 30-minute segments — we will look at a few of the Bible’s famous “sufferers” and at what God’s Word teaches us about pain and suffering and our response to it.  We will also draw on insights from other Christians who have struggled with questions of God’s apparent silence and seeming unfairness.

8-Week Series archive

The Classic Problem – Week 1

Our Fallen World – Week 2

God ‘Allows’ Suffering – Week 3

Positive Outcomes of Suffering – Week 4

A look at Job’s Experience – Week 5

God’s Provisions for You – P1 – Week 6

God’s Provisions for You – P2 – Week 6

Strategies for Life – The Finale