October 15, 2020

May the LORD now show you kindness and faithfulness, and I too will show you the same favor because you have done this.  2 Samuel 2:6

The pace of life can make us blur what’s important. We are all very busy, that’s for sure. But somehow we must always make time for gratitude and new beginnings. There are moments in life when you appreciate someone so much that you just want to stop and applaud them. Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it! Is there someone special in your life, a teacher, mentor, church leader, or other figure whose wisdom or guidance may have changed the trajectory of your life? Is there someone who believed in you, supported you, served with you, moved mountains for you, laughed or cried with you? Sometimes we can’t express exactly how we feel about them, but there’s one thing we can do: we can stop and let them know that we are grateful.

Trish Langenhuizen

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