Happy Easter

Join us for LCDC Easter Services on lacasalive.com!

  • Traditional Services: 8am, 9:15am
  • Contemporary Service: 10:30am

Today, followers of Jesus all over the world are celebrating Easter. While many of us are used to crowds on Easter, we find ourselves celebrating at home with our families (or quarantine friends) this year. Getting dressed up and taking family pictures on Easter is common. We hope you still do and tag #LaCasaFamily on your social media!

For Jesus’ family and friends, the empty tomb and the risen Jesus himself were a shocking surprise. Despite Jesus preparing them for his death and resurrection, they simply couldn’t imagine how Jesus’ death fit into God’s purpose. Many of Jesus’ first disciples were locked away in their homes, fearful as their friend was executed two nights before. When the risen Jesus appeared to them, it wasn’t easy to accept. The Gospels show us how the only way to embrace the risen Jesus is to let go of our normal ways of viewing the world. Only then can we open ourselves to the reality of the Kingdom of God and the surprising power of God’s love for our world.

Suzan has a special encouragement for you this Easter morning.

Pastor Chris, his sweet little girls, and Callie and Clara’s grammy were curious how the Easter Bunny became involved with Jesus’ Resurrection. Much like the first disciples, you’ll have to put aside your normal ways of viewing the world to accept this incredible new reality. You are welcome to share this video with your youngest family members and friends, although this story contains profound truth for all ages. Sit back and enjoy! You might just find yourselves hopping with joy afterwards!

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