Nurturing your health and those in need.

Ready to have some fun with family and friends? Let’s spend forty days on a journey together, making a difference. It’s time to get your shoes on and get fit.

A registration fee of $40 gets you signed up to improve your fitness and make a difference in the lives of those in need across our valley. All registration money will go to support Circle the City, a dynamic non-profit organization that provides respite medical care to the homeless all over Maricopa County.

Track your miles each week and see the difference you make in your health and your community.

For 6 weeks (March 2—April 13) during Lent, exercise on your own by walking, biking, running, or your choice of activity. Keep track of your miles (15 minutes of physical activity = 1 mile). Turn in your miles weekly via the website or at the Ministry table at weekend worship.


  • Ash Wednesday, March 2nd – Start Walking!
  • Wednesday, March 9th – Record your miles Week 1
  • Wednesday, March 16th – Record your miles Week 2
  • Wednesday, March 23rd – Record your miles Week 3
  • Wednesday, March 30th – Record your miles Week 4
  • Wednesday, April 6th – Record your miles Week 5
  • Wednesday, April 13th – Record your miles Week 6