Honor Everyone

July 1, 2020

Honor everyone. 1 Peter 2:17

Two simple words yet a complex concept. How do we accomplish this with all that is happening in our world? Why do we honor those who may hold a different view on the social guidelines during the virus? Why do we honor those who have a different skin tone?

Because of our God and his love. God’s will for us is to give respect to all people. It is not for us to decide who is worthy of our respect or if one must earn our respect. We honor everyone for God. We bow to others for God.

Years ago, I started a practice of bowing to others. You don’t see me physically bowing. This is an inward bow for me to show a sign of respect and acknowledge the presence of God inside each individual. Believe me, this practice is not always easy. But bowing to others helps reduce fear and anxiety in a situation by allowing God’s light and love to shine through. Our world and our people can use more light and love shining down on us!

Elizabeth Geenen

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