Junior High Leaders

Junior High Leaders ensure each Junior High kid who strolls in on a Sunday morning, attends a Confirmation class or retreat experiences a welcoming and friendly community and guides them in making solid connections with God and each other.

Adult Junior High Leaders

We are so thankful to have adult support for our Sunday morning and midweek Confirmation gatherings! Whether you are a parent or adult member of La Casa de Cristo who loves giving back and encouraging the next generation, this relational ministry is thankful for you and the various ways you serve! We have a few ways for parents and adults to be involved. If you are interested, please reach out to us by emailing lacasayouth@lacasadecristo.com.

Sunday Morning REFUGE Small Group Leader from 9:00 – 10:15am

  • 36 Sundays from August to May

CONFIRMATION CLASS Small Group Leader either Tuesday or Wednesday nights from 5:00 – 6:00pm

  • 10 Sessions in the Fall and 10 Sessions in the Spring

Camp Bond

  • We need 5-6 parents as drivers and chaperones to help cook meals and drive the kids to the Lake.

Junior High Winter Retreat

  • We need about 10 parents as drivers as well as about 5 adult chaperones. Please let us know how you would be willing to help!

Student Junior High Leaders

We love having High School kids help lead and serve our Junior High kids! High school Juniors & Seniors are able to apply to be leaders for our junior high social events & retreats! Helping lead social events makes you eligible for overnight retreats & Confo Camp! If you can also volunteer as a Confirmation small group leader on either Tue/Wed nights from 5-6pm, that would be amazing and also would make you eligible for overnight retreats and Confo Camp!

We’d also love to give high school kids the opportunity to give messages to the junior high group, about once a month… so if you’re interested in a speaking opportunity, please let us know so we can plan and put you on our rotation schedule?

Please mark your calendars with these dates!

Social Events with free lunch, games & small groups from 11:30-1pm (See Youth Calendar)

Camp Bond

Junior High Winter Retreat

Confo Camp