Junior High Winter Retreat


There are TWO Registration Forms to complete:

  1. LCDC’s Registration and Payment form CLICK HERE
  2. TRCC’s (our new camp’s) liability form CLICK HERE
      • We are required to have parents complete TRCC’s camp form for their kids to attend this new camp. Please print and return as soon as you are able. Thank you for understanding.

We also have TWO LCDC Medical Forms:

1) CLICK HERE for the Youth Medical Form (Valid from 2019 through May 2020)

  • We annually require our participants to complete the Youth Medical Form. This form will be kept on file and is good for ALL LCDC events through May 2020. You only have to do this once per year as long as the medical information hasn’t changed, WAHOO!! This medical form has to be printed, filled out, and returned to LCDC for every participant. Your registration is NOT complete without being turned in. If you have already completed it for another event, you are good to go through May 2020!

2) CLICK HERE for the Off Campus Form (Required for Every Youth Overnight Event/Retreat)

  • We require our participants to complete the Off Campus Form for EVERY overnight event/retreat we do. This form involves over-the-counter medications and medications the participant will be bringing with them. This form must be printed, filled out, and returned to LCDC for every participant. Your registration is NOT complete without being turned in.
  • CLICK HERE to view our liability consent policies

THEME: “Re-Fresh”

When we get frazzled by the craziness of life, when our systems get overloaded, we need to hit the re-fresh button and remember who we are and why we’re here. At this retreat, we seek to “RE-FRESH” our relationship with God and each other at an exciting new camp in Payson through worship, small groups, skits, messages, bon fires and more! This camp offers incredible activities such as bubble balls, zipline, capture the flag, sledding (if there’s snow!), mountain scooters, paintball, archery, basketball, volleyball, hikes, cave exploration and more! We are so excited to “RE-FRESH” our relationship with God and each other in our Junior High Winter Retreat!

WHEN: December 6 – 8, 2019

  • Friday at 4:30pm – Drop off luggage and sign in at LCDC Gathering Place
    • Dropoff luggage by the trailer in front of LCDC Gathering Place
    • Everyone checks in @ Tables
    • Check-in Medications @ Tables
  • Friday by 5:00pm – Parent Drivers and Luggage Trailer Leave the LCDC parking lot
  • Sunday by 11:30am – Return to LCDC parking lot


  • This not only helps keep costs down, but also is a great opportunity to bond with the kids and listen to their great stories from camp! When you register your kid(s), please note if you can drive TO camp, FROM camp, or BOTH ways! Thank you for your support!

WHERE: Tonto Rim Christian Camp

  • This is a NEW camp for LCDC’s Junior High Ministry. Our previous camp has stopped servicing winter camps. We are excited about this camp and have incredible feedback from our church’s Royal Families Kids Camp that stays here, that this camp, their staff and their food is all amazing!


The Early Bird Cost is $175 if registered and paid by Sunday, November 3, 2019.

Otherwise, the cost will be $200 if registered and paid by Sunday, November 24, 2019.

  • Cost includes lodging, transportation, Saturday’s meals, Sunday’s breakfast and a JHWR tshirt!
  • You can pay online or provide cash or check made out to La Casa de Cristo Lutheran Church and turn it in to the front office labeled Junior High Winter Retreat.
  • Deadline to register and pay will be Sunday, November 24, 2019.
  • Friends are always welcome!


  • If you would like to paintball, there is an additional $15/person charge for 90 minutes of Tonto Rim Christian Camp staff led games in their forest arena. Please bring $15 cash to luggage drop-off/check-in if you would like to play paintball. If the afternoon weather is too cold, they will not run paintball as the temperature affects the CO2 cartridges and do not work. We will return your $15 if that is the case.


  • A Sleeping Bag and Pillow
  • Bible and pen or pencil
  • Flashlight or headlamp
  • Beanie, scarfs, warm gloves and shoes
  • Warm clothes that can get wet (if there’s snow)
  • Dry clothes to wear when the other clothes are wet.
  • Towel & Shower Supplies
  • Trashbag for wet/dirty clothes.
  • Cabin Snacks to share!
  • $10 cash for Friday night’s dinner (stopping in Payson)


  • No cell phones, ipads, ipods, or any electronic device that distracts from real Facetime and good community. Digital cameras are totally okay!
  • No knives, drugs, alcohol, vape pens, or anything you have to think twice about! Phone calls home are not fun!


  • Pray that each kid encounters God’s love in a personal and meaningful way.
  • Pray for new and stronger friendships.
  • Pray for the kids to draw closer to God through our worship, messages, small groups.
  • Pray for kids and leaders to find time to rest!
  • Pray for a fun-filled and safe weekend!

Scholarship Opportunities:

  • We are thrilled to have your teen’s involvement in our youth ministry! We understand various life situations cause financial difficulties and as a church, we never want any kids to miss out because of finances. Thankfully, anonymous donors provide scholarships (amounts and availability may vary and are not guaranteed). Please take the time to fill out this Scholarship Request Form and drop it off at the church office with attention to Pastor Chris Tansey or email it to ctansey@lacasadecristo.com. Please don’t hesitate to call if you have questions. Our office phone number is 480-948-1234. We are grateful to help!