Journey Through Bethlehem 2022

Experience the Christmas story
like never before!

December 27 Update:

Please join the JTB Cast Party on Friday, January 20 at 5:30 pm at Peter Piper Pizza (15745 N Hayden Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85260).  Your whole family is invited so please bring everyone.

Pizza will be supplied.

Any game tokens, drinks, etc can be purchased on your own.

Let’s have fun together and celebrate a GREAT Journey Through Bethlehem!

December 10 Update:

 We have plenty of room for everyone this weekend!  Come on down!  Walk-ins are welcome and we will get you right in to Bethlehem!  You don’t want to miss this!

Walk through a reconstructed city of Bethlehem where the Christ child was born and watch the Christmas story in 360 degree live action before your eyes!  This is a FREE family event that is perfect for all ages.   It all happens right on La Casa de Cristo’s campus (6300 E Bell Road).


2022 Cast

Shepherd Guides
Ashlyn Medina – Shepherd Guide
Elizabeth Tratnack – Shepherd Guide
AJ Coletta – Shepherd Guide
Felicity Schider – Shepherd Guide

Morgan Ness – Abigail, The Baker
AnnaLise Hoglund – Rachel, The Baker Customer
Patrick Hoglund – Townsperson
Levi Schider – Mattias, The Fish Merchant
Gina Coletta – Salome, The Weaver
Reese Urness – Martha, The Weaver Customer
Chris Layman – Mark, Olive Oil Salesman
Jami Layman – Olive Press
Emily York – Hannah, The Spice Merchant
Amy Tratnack – Townsperson

Census Courtyard
Brennan Williams – Census Official
Dylan Wood – Census Guard
Aiden Davis – Simon
Sophia Davis – Townsperson
King Herod’s Guards
Owen Urness – Guard
Kyuss Medina – Guard
Noah Knopf – Guard
Jaxon Meyerovitz – Guard

King Herod’s Room
Ben Adix – King Herod
Aidan Hoglund – Magi 1
Jacob York – Magi 2
Jettson Hammill – Magi 3

Shepherd’s Field
Heather Muller – Shepherd
Kalie Anderson – Shepherd
Becky Hoglund – Shepherd
Sophia McEntire – Shepherd
Claire York – Shepherd
Claire Medina – Shepherd
Grace Franco – Shepherd
Clara Hoglund – Shepherd
Emma McEntire – Shepherd
Lydia Schider – Shepherd

Angel Scene
Juliette Meyeroviz – Angel
Madison Graff – Angel
Sophia Graff – Angel
Madalyn Krahn – Angel
Addison Hammill – Angel

Cave Shepherds
Joe Schider
Rachael Schider


Lily Schmal – Mary
Chase Coletta – Joseph