August 8, 2020

Listen to advice and accept discipline, and at the end you will be counted among the wise. Proverbs 19:20

I pray that you can’t relate to the obstacle of this tale, petty as it may be among all of life’s trials.

A couple weeks ago, I noticed my AC was struggling (while 115 degrees out), but I figured it was normal. After two weeks of trying to maintain its noble endeavor, I had it checked out and it was amazingly given the ‘all-clear’ after some routine service maintenance. The technician said it was somewhat normal for AC to run non-stop during hot peaks. Yet three days later (on a Saturday), the AC confidently gave its last puff of cool-ish air and was declared kaputt. I shouldn’t have waited the two weeks.

Because of high demand, our new AC unit will be installed next Monday—nine full days after kaputt—and I am currently just beginning day #4. While we are surviving with two loaned portable AC units, it is definitely a test of not only our heat tolerance (I like it hot, or at least warm; the wife absolutely does not), but also irritability with one another during those hot afternoon peaks.

A quick search says that summers in Jerusalem average in the low 80s; Cairo is mid-90s, though other parts of Egypt regularly reach 120, much like Kuwait, Iraq, and Pakistan, to name a few. It’s a misconception to think that all desert countries share the same high temperatures, but they persevere.

What’s my point? The heat has my brain scattered and my body reacts slowly. My AC gave me plenty of warning, but I waited. God also gives us plenty of warning. Do we listen? Or do we hesitate? If you sense that God is guiding you toward something, listen to the voice. Our Power Read the Bible showed us many examples of people listening to God’s commands. Let us listen. I will listen.

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God, grant me the wisdom to listen to your callings and to heed your guidance.

Dr. Jeremy Peterman

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