Reflecting GOD's Glory

Love Your Neighbor as Your Self

Sunday, Oct 29
9:15am and 10:30am
Room B

Join us on Sunday, October 29 for a visit with Solveig Muus, director of Lutheran Advocacy Ministry in Arizona (LAMA). Solveig will be introducing us to LAMA, and sharing about the work that she and her team are doing with Lutheran communities across the state around advocacy and education . “The guiding principle for our work is our call to love and serve our neighbor as Jesus did, and where possible, we work toward systemic change” she said. “LAMA’s mission is to join with the most vulnerable of our society to voice our common needs in the public square, activating our faith in love.”

Learn about LAMA’s annual Lutheran Day at the Legislature, their work with the Arizona Anti-Hunger Alliance and coalition partners, LAMA’s annual Summit, Action Alerts, Advocacy 101 training, Arizona’s Request to Speak (RTS) system, and more. Solveig said, “LAMA is not political. While there are many issues we face every day that could be solved through the legislature, we’re not about politics, we’re striving for justice, and peace, and fairness for all God’s people.” How can they possibly tackle all the issues facing Arizona citizens? They can’t! LAMA’s Policy Council discerns what will be its policy priorities for the year. In 2023, its policy priorities are Hunger, Water and Civic Engagement.

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Solveig Muus is director of Lutheran Advocacy Ministry in Arizona (LAMA). She worked for a decade at Augsburg Fortress Publishers (Minneapolis) before joining Christian Brands, a.k.a. Autom, (Phoenix) where she was Director of Marketing, Creative, Product Development, and Brand Manager. In addition to working with LAMA, Solveig serves the Grand Canyon Synod as Director of Advancement at Spirit in the Desert Retreat Center.