January 11, 2021

So they hurried off and found Mary and Joseph, and the baby, who was lying in the manger. Luke 2:16

When the shepherds heard the news of Jesus they were expecting something grand. Rightly so—a whole company of angels delivered the news. It was, as an understatement, a spectacular show. Imagine the spectacle of the angels, radiating with good news. An announcement proclaiming glory and peace on earth! You can just hear the music, can’t you?

What would the shepherds find? A baby comfortably lying in a golden crib? Maybe he would already have a small crown on his head? No, the shepherds found a baby lying in… a manger. An animal trough.

This is how our God comes to us. He comes into full humanity. He is one of us. He does not enter on a higher plain. He does not elevate himself from the beginning. He lowers himself to the manger. And thus he begins his ministry. Our God has humbled himself. In your relationships with one another, have the same mindset as Christ.

Pastor Matt Knopf

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