Because when your marriage is better, everything is better.

New Fall 2020 Curriculum!
Take a step closer

Everything you do in marriage brings you closer to your spouse or pushes you further apart.
Learn how to be intentional about taking a step closer towards each other.

  • September 20October 25: Sunday Series
  • October 17/18th: Date Night- Picnic Date
  • November 21: Night In with La Casa – Online
  • We plan to meet virtually and will let you know if and when we can meet in person.

The MarriedPeople Strategy

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Inspiring couples in a group setting when we are able to regather or in the comfort of your own home.

Next Event November 21, 2020

Night Out #1

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Equipping couples in their one-on-one time.

October 17/18 – Picnic Date

Collect your Date Night bag filled with resources and surprises to ensure a fun date with your spouse. Pick up Saturday or Sunday, 5:00-5:30 pm at our convenient drive through at La Casa.

To participate in Date Night please register for MarriedPeople first.

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Empowering Couples through an online course:

Closer Connection – The 4 Ways We Communicate

September 20-October 25th,
9:15am or 10:30am.


  • Session 1: What is Good Communication
  • Session 2: Of Course I’m Listening
  • Session 3: Conversationallly Unique
  • Session 4: Taking the Stress Out of Communication
  • Session 5: Are You Truly Listening?
  • Session 6: Servant Communication

To participate in Sunday Series and to receive your participant guides please register for MarriedPeople first.

Session 1 – What is Good Communication?

Session 2 – Of course I am listening

Upcoming Schedule

  • Sept. Oct 4th: Conversationally Unique
  • Oct. 11th: Take the Stress Out of Communication
  • Oct. 18th: Are you truly listening?
  • Oct. 25th: Servant Communication
You may also view the series HERE!
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MPKids Childcare is not offered at this time.

When we regather in person for MarriedPeople,  MPKids childcare may be available at that time.

No fee for fall 2020

Questions? Contact Jennine Ulibarri and Michelle Hayes at marriedpeople@lacasadecristo.com or 480-948-1234