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All Saints Weekend- Outdoor Memorial Garden Service

Summer 2020 Update: Updated Memorial Garden Visitation Information

Losing a loved one is never easy. When people experience loss, they need a strong support network to provide comfort and offer encouragement. It’s our mission at La Casa, as a family in Christ, to provide care and compassion. The Memorial Garden offers you the opportunity to express your love in a way that truly reflects the depth of honor and respect you have for your loved one.

La Casa de Cristo’s Memorial Garden is a peaceful place with approximately 400 niches and 100 crypts. Spaces in the garden are available to members and family of La Casa de Cristo and anyone who wishes to be buried in the shadow of the cross. Here families and friends can sit in quiet meditation and remembrance of their loved ones. The Memorial Garden is enhanced by seasonal flowers and the calming effects of water cascading from the fountain. The strength of Christ’s presence enfolds you as the Saints of the Church become a legacy of His love and promise for an eternal life.
Cremation is consistent with the Christian belief that the physical body returns to the dust from which it came and that a new body is given by God in the Resurrection. The Memorial Garden is also referred to as a columbarium, which is constructed of numerous niches. Niches are small compartments designed to hold urns containing cremated remains, or “cremains.” The niches in the La Casa de Cristo Memorial Garden will hold two small urns. They are fronted by elegant stone panels. The panels are engraved with the La Casa de Cristo dove in addition to the names and dates.

The Memorial Garden contains Crypts designed to hold a casket. Following a casketed entombment, the crypt is sealed with a travertine front. The travertine tile is also engraved with the La Casa de Cristo dove along with the names and dates.

The La Casa de Cristo Memorial Garden also has a Scatter Garden. A scatter garden is a dedicated area within the garden, where your loved ones cremated human remains are scattered freely and a memorial plaque erected.

For more information, please contact Kim Spiker at 480.948.1234 x1132

Virtual Tour of the Memorial Garden

Summer 2020 Memorial Garden Visitation Information

  • Garden gate is open sunup to sundown. Those who have a key may enter through the west back door.
  • Please park on the west side of campus by the Garden.
  • Masks are required in case others are present. Masks are not only for your protection but also for the protection of others.
  • Please limit your visit to 30 minutes or less so everyone can visit safely.
  • Follow social distancing protocol of at least six feet when other visitors are present.
  • Do not touch anything except your loved one’s crypt, niche, or plaque on the Scatter Garden wall.
  • Flowers may be placed and will be removed per the schedule in effect prior to the pandemic.
  • Please do not visit if you are ill, coughing or sneezing, have a fever, loss of taste or smell, or muscle aches. If, in the past few weeks, you have tested positive for Covid-19 or come into contact with someone who has, please do not come onto campus.