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Mentor Kids is a free Christian after school program in Phoenix that serves at Palomino Primary School. They have about 100 kids ranging from 1st-6th grade and are in NEED of volunteers ages 15 or older. This program is a ton of fun and a HUGE blessing to the community.


Are you passionate about a sport? Do you play piano, guitar or violin? Do you love to dance and choreograph dance routines to your favorite hip hop songs? Do you have a gift or passion you can share with children? Would you like to lead a small group of 4th-6th grade boys or girls? Mentor Kids would love for you to share your gifts and time with these kids!

Volunteers must be at least 15 years old and can pick any day between Monday-Thursday to volunteer. They do not have to commit to every week, but ideally they can commit to the same day(s) every week. It is okay to switch days from week to week. Any support is appreciated!

Interested? Please email Wendy Mahoney at your questions and interest!

Pastor Chris and Suzan are so excited about this! We would love to support your involvement and are committing to Thursdays if you would like to carpool or meet there! Choose any day(s) that work best for you!

PROGRAM SCHEDULE: Monday through Thursday from 3:00pm-5:00pm from August to May.

3:00pm ~ Snack, Homework Help, Bible Lesson

3:45pm ~ Activity to help learn an Athletic Skill or Social Skill

4:00pm ~ Indoor Activity and Outdoor Activity

4:45pm ~ Cleanup, Gather in Gym, Closing Prayer

5:00pm ~ Parents Pickup Kids

15833 N 29th St, Phoenix, AZ 85032

(Located between Greenway and Bell on 29th Street)

Wendy and Derek from MENTOR KIDS offered powerful words of encouragement for us to use our gifts to make a difference in the world. Recent studies have proven that those involved in serving capacities and making a difference in other people’s lives are generally “happier” people. Mentor Kids is an organization doing incredible good in our local community and schools across the valley. They have invited us to partner with them in their afternoon mentoring program at Palomino Primary School that goes year-round from August to May! They offer programs for elementary school kids from 3-5pm Monday through Thursday and need volunteers that are 15 years or older that can pick a day in the Fall/Spring to serve on a weekly basis. Chris and Suzan are so excited about this opportunity and are looking forward to organizing a group of our High School teens to be salt and light in our local community. Please reach out to Chris and Suzan and let them know you are interested in serving in this way.