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Supporting our missionary family in SE Asia

How you can help...

2023 Missionary Support Ministry Goals: 

365 Days of Prayer: Please pray for Todd, Katie, their four children, their partners, and the Christian community in SE Asia. 

$10,000 Giving Goal:  By donating $20 per each day of prayer, a one-time gift or monthly giving, you can help Todd and his ministry partners meet the physical and spiritual needs of the local people. 

Please watch Todd’s story below.  Look for quarterly progress updates in What’s Happening Wednesday e-News.

As partners in ministry, Todd asks for our prayers for:

  • Revived mentoring groups.
    Over 100 students from 3 different counties and 8 active churches are regularly meeting in fellowship.  Local leaders hope to expand into new areas in 2023.
  • Social Media campaign.
    A new partnership is connecting local leaders with Kali people interested in Bible study.
  • Water filtration business.
    The business continues to focus on education and outreach in 2023. New leaders demonstrate how water filters remove harmful pathogens more effectively than just boiling dirty river water.
  • Local leaders and grass roots workers.
    Through prayer, fellowship and problem solving, Todd’s team supports those who faithfully serve the Christian community in SE Asia.
Leadership Retreat for the Youth Mentoring Program

Watch Todd's story and learn how you can help impact it.

We work together to see the Gospel grow in both depth and breadth