Moments with God

November 7, 2020

My sheep hear my voice and I know them and they follow me. John 10:27

The other night, as I was putting my two-year-old to bed, she turned so she was chest- to-chest with me, snuggled in my arms. The room was quiet around us and she was still, which is a rare moment with a two-year-old. As I sat with her in my arms, I felt God’s presence around me. In that moment, I was in awe of the beautiful creation in my arms, my daughter.

As I sat, I felt led to pray. I thanked God, I confessed to God, I prayed for our world and I truly felt God’s presence as I spoke to Him.

Sometimes God places such moments in my life when His voice is the loudest. This night, He reminded me to focus on the amazing blessings in my life instead of the hard stuff. And while I experience moments like these, more often than not I have to remind myself to stop and listen for God’s voice.

Today I challenge you to stop and listen. Look for the many God-given blessings in your life and seek Him in all that you do.

Staci Medina

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