Cara Hoffman is the MOPPETS Team leader for La Casa de Cristo.

Testimonials from MOPPETS Workers:
“I first decided to help with MOPPETS because I missed my grandson and seeing him grow up. I love being with children who continue to delight and amuse me, but I have continued as a caregiver because of the moms. They drop their children, rather frazzled and hurried, but they return refreshed with the love of Jesus. I am always thanked for the loving care we give, but the joy n their smile is all I need.”
“Mostly, I wish there had been such a program when I was a young mom. Moms need this time with other moms.”
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The Purpose of MOPPETS
Mothers care deeply about their children. They instinctively look to meet their child’s needs before thinking about their own. A mom needs assurance about her child’s well-being and happiness before she can get the most out of her time in MOPS.
The MOPPETS ministry contributes to meeting the needs of children, as well as the needs of their moms. MOPPETS quality care and Biblical teaching impact the entire family. The MOPPETS ministry provides a caring atmosphere for children which:

  • Provides loving, quality care for each child. Mothers are the most vulnerable where their children are concerned, so this care is an excellent witness of Christ’s love.
  • Teaches the Bible. MOPPETS programs can provide simple Bible stories or more complex programs that resemble Sunday school. For children too young for a structured program, the opportunity to teach them about the love of Jesus can be utilized whenever possible.

The MOPPETS Team Leader leads a group of talented and special volunteers who directly and indirectly affect the lives of each MOPS mom and her children. Often, the success of a MOPS ministry will depend on your MOPPETS workers.
MOPPETS Handbook
MOPS International Inc. 2007

Moppets Program Policies
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