Move Forward

July 28, 2020

No good thing does God withhold from those who walk uprightly.  Psalm 84:11

My husband and I attended a silent auction fundraiser at our son’s school.  One of the items up for bid was a series of ballroom dance lessons with a local Arthur Murray studio.  Knowing that we had several weddings coming up and empty nester time to fill, we bid and won that item.

Our very talented instructor started us with dances that revolve (literally) around a basic box step.  You take one step forward, two steps back and repeat.  Lately, this is a perfect metaphor for life in the time of pandemic.  One step forward in public health, the economy, social justice, etc., two steps back and repeat.  While this pattern works well on the dance floor, in real life, it can be discouraging.

And it made me think, am I following this same pattern in my spiritual life?  Do I take one step forward – power reading the Bible, prayer journaling, community outreach- then two steps back with worry, doubt and bad habits?

Mark Batterson, in his book All In, says “We’re too Christian to enjoy sin and too sinful to enjoy Christ. We’ve got just enough Jesus to be informed, but not enough to be transformed.”  Meaning…if God doesn’t hold anything back from us, why do we?  Why not give Him both the good deeds and the worry and doubt? Go all in by accepting Jesus Christ without reservation.  Maybe then we’ll break the pattern and move forward. 

Kim Atchison

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