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April 2024

  • Arizona Music Fest – Monday, Apr 15, 7:30pm Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain Tickets

  • Sonoran Desert Chorale – Sunday, Apr 28, 3pm Moved by the Spirit: America’s Heart – Tickets

May and June 2024

  • Scottsdale Philharmonic Orchestra – Sun, May 5, 4pm Beethoven Tribute ConcertTickets

  • Scottsdale Philharmonic Orchestra – Sun, Jun 30, 4pm Independence Day Concert Celebration Tickets


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Hark, Ten Thousand Harps and Voices

Ain't No Rock Gonna Shout For Me

Berghaus Pipe Organ

Christian Music Lutheran 92-Rank Berghaus Organ, Arizona's 2nd largest

Latest Organ Recital

The Berghaus Pipe Organ at La Casa De Cristo Lutheran Church
The Berghaus Pipe Organ at La Casa de Cristo Lutheran Church in Scottsdale, Arizona contains 91 ranks, 92 stops, and 5067 pipes. Organist and Handbell Director, Dr. Jeremy Peterman, documents various aspects of the large organ, giving special attention to the moving components. Among other things, you’ll see the action of the sliders, harp, chimes, nightingale, tremulant, and solenoids. 

There’s so much to explore here that this video is sure to be just one of several Organ Crawl videos devoted to the instrument.

Latest Organ Recital

Experience Music

Central Arizona Guild of Organists

On Sunday, Sept. 20, La Casa de Cristo was a featured participant in the virtual opening ceremony of the Central Arizona Guild of Organists.

They will show one recent organ selection from La Casa (along with 2 other local organist contributors) that exemplifies both the musicianship at our church and the extreme professionalism of our audio/ visual team.

We are honored to be highlighted in this ceremony focusing on technology in the traditional worship service.

91-Rank Berghaus Pipe Organ

organ and sanctuary - music in a scottsdale arizona lutheran church - La Casa de Cristo
Christian Music Lutheran 92-Rank Berghaus Organ, Arizona's 2nd largest

Band of Believers

La Casa de Cristo’s Contemporary Lutheran Worship team is made up of many volunteers and staff members at the church and is part of our 10:30am Contemporary Worship.  The team includes:

  • Director of Music – Jennifer Sheldon
  • Assistant Director of Music – Bill McKennon
  • Guitarist – Bob Vano
  • Keyboardist – Dave Cross
  • Drummer – Gary Randall
  • Basist – Sam Mayfield
Thy word is a lamp unto my feed - contemporary lutheran worship - la casa de cristo scottsdale arizona lutheran church
Contemporary Lutheran Worship Scottsdale Arizona
scottsdale arizona lutheran church - la casa de cristo contemporary lutheran worship


Robert Davies Harpsichord

organ and harpsichord - La Casa de Cristo Scottsdale, Arizona Lutheran Church located in Scottsdale, Arizona near Phoenix
inside robert davis harpsichord

Christmas Worship

Annual Gatherings

  • Christmas Cantata
  • Christmas Eve (4 services)
  • Christmas Day
  • Messiah Sing Along
  • Desert Sonoran Choral


Organ Recitals, Arts Discovery Series, Arizona Musicfest, Grand Canyon University, and more!

Organ Recitals

Scottsdale Phillharmonic

Arizona Musicfest at La Casa de Cristo Lutheran Church Orchestra Fest

Arizona Musicfest

grand canyon university

Grand Canyon University

Hymns for Him