My Neighbors Faith

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My Neighbors Faith

Rev. Dr. Wayne Wilke

Sundays – Aug 14 – Oct 2

“Our friends are Presbyterian.  How is that different from Lutheran?”  “My daughter’s fiancé is a Southern Baptist.  What do they believe?” How can we talk about different denominations without getting into who’s right and who’s wrong?  This eight-week class will attempt to answer those and other questions about the diversity of American denominations.  Each week will feature an historical introduction to an American denomination.  Basic beliefs and institutions will be identified and we will discuss similarities and differences with Lutheranism, our point of reference.  Together we will discover that Religion in America is a mosaic with each religious group making their unique contributions.

Dr Wilke is a retired Lutheran pastor and professor with over thirty years of experience teaching in Lutheran colleges and seminaries.  He enjoys teaching classes on books of the Bible as well as topics that arise throughout the Bible. Also, the broad theme of religion in American life is a rich source of topics for future study. The goal in every class is to assist each student to answer the question, “How does this apply to my life today?”

Wayne and his wife, Grace, are frequent travelers.

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