Parents and Grandparents,

I appreciate you coming here.  I have something important to share with you.  We have an amazing all-church Bible Study set up online and it starts soon.  It’s called Summer of Parables.  I intentionally set it up to include Jr. High and High School youth.
Because I value your kids.
They are a part of our church.
I want them involved in this Bible Study.
I hand picked quality college-age mentors to facilitate some of the online Zoom groups with this study.  These leaders could potentially be a life-long mentor for your child.  And, believe me, these leaders could NOT be better mentors.  They are exemplars of the Christian faith.
Please prayerfully consider encouraging your child to sign up for this summer opportunity this week.  Go to the website (below) and browse the Zoom groups that are specifically geared towards youth and/or families.
Please don’t let this opportunity pass.  You won’t regret it.
Pastor Matt Knopf
La Casa de Cristo Lutheran Church

Register Today:
The Summer of Parables