La Casa de Cristo's Christmas Story "A Journey to Bethlehem"

Journey to Bethlehem Video Series

From September 27th to November 15th La Casa members were blessed to have Pastor Lloyd Wallace, a member of the church, provide a thorough, intriguing, and groundbreaking set of sermons on the birth of Christ, the history of Israel leading up to His birth, and the importance of the “Star” of Bethlehem. Pastor Wallace brings about an epic yet logical and fresh outlook to the Star of Bethlehem, using revolutionary work in the field of biblical-astronology, to reveal his findings in what could be the biggest news on the Christmas story in over 2,000 years!
La Casa thanks you Pastor Wallace for your commitment to Christ and The Church.

Week 1: “In the Beginning”; John 1:1-14 and Genesis 1-3


Week 2: “Land, Seed, and Blessing”


Week 3: “Priest, Prophet, King”


Week 4: “Geneology of Jesus”


Week 5: “The Messianic King, and King of this World”


Week 6: “The Magi, and The Great Christ Comet”


Week 7: “John the Baptist, Shepherds, and Angels”


Week 8: “The Fullness of Time, Historically and Spiritually”