Confirmation Prayer Sponsors

What is a Confirmation Prayer Sponsor?

A Confirmation Prayer Sponsor showers our Junior High Confirmation program and at least one of our lucky youth in prayer. Prayer Sponsors can remain anonymous if they wish as they pray for their Confirmand on a regular basis, write them letters of encouragement (at least 2 per year), send birthday and Christmas cards, and can reveal themselves on their very special Day of Confirmation with hugs and love and a modest gift if they choose. We host about 100 kids and would love at least 100 Prayer Sponsors.

Who can be a Prayer Sponsor?

If La Casa de Cristo Lutheran Church is your home church, we invite you to be a prayer sponsor! Every parent, grandparent, people who like praying, and people who would like an opportunity to be motivated to pray more, please consider being a prayer sponsor.


If you have any questions or would like to signup to be a Prayer Sponsor, please contact:

Suzan Scudder