Reformation's 500th Anniversary

La Casa de Cristo Phoenix Lutheran Church Arizona Reformation 500th annivserary

“What is Reformation?”

La Casa de Cristo is excited, honored, and passionate about proclaiming the good news of Christ’s gift of freedom to the world. In the almost 2000 years since Christ’s death, the church’s body has changed significantly. Perhaps the most notable change occurred in the year 1517, where German theologian Martin Luther recognized a need for a transformation in the Roman Catholic Church, what we now know as the Reformation. Since this reformation, not only has the Body of Christ been reformed, transformed, and become realigned with the bible’s teachings, but the geo-political and daily lives of people of the time were forever changed.

Reformation Sunday- How We Celebrate

For our 500th anniversary celebration, La Casa will be having two guest speakers—Martin Luther and Johann Tetzel! Both Mr. Luther and Tetzel will provide the weekend’s message on Amazing Grace. We are also excited to have the kids from Ignite join the service for the message from our guest speakers. The kiddos will still spend time in Ignite but will also enjoy the service with the congregation.

Reformation Bookstore

For the next two Sundays—October 29th and November 5th—La Casa’s bookstore will be moved to the courtyard outside with new books on Reformation and Martin Luther. As well, we are providing these books for 50% off to all who are seeking to learn more about our faith!

Education—Martin Luther: Understanding the Christian God

Pastor Matthew Knopf will be serving the congregation every Sunday in November (11/5-11/26) by hosting a class on Martin Luther and the worldwide impact the Reformation had on not only the church but politics, education, language, and many other aspects of life. Classes will be at 9:15am and 10:30am.

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