Rejoice Continually

December 3, 2020

Be happy (in your faith) and rejoice and be glad-hearted continually (always); be unceasing in prayer (praying perseveringly); thank God in everything (no matter what the circumstances may be, be thankful and give thanks), for this is the will of God. I Thessalonians 5:16-18

Inventor William Painter said, “Saying thank you is more than good manners. It is good spirituality.” The apostle Paul, author of Thessalonians, is in complete agreement.

Instead of worrying, God wants you to rejoice continually, to pray without ceasing, and to thank God for everything—no matter what the circumstances may be. That may sound like a really tall order, but if that’s what God wants and wills you to do, He’ll give you the power and strength to do it! Besides, if you begin to spend all your time rejoicing, praying, and thanking God, you won’t have time to worry!

Help me, Lord, to see constant joy in You. To pray continually, giving You my worries as soon as they creep into my mind then leaving them in Your hands. I thank You, no matter what happens or when! Amen.

Jennine Ulibarri

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