High School Ministry
Wednesdays 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Upstairs in the Youth Room 205 in the 100/200 Building!

We are about God renewing our hearts to become more loving towards God, others, and ourselves. We value each other’s faith journey and so we invest in small groups and mentoring relationships.We can’t wait to meet God together in times of worship and prayer. In these moments we experience the love of God in our midst transforming the rest of our lives. We laugh, cry, experience joy, and have some serious fun! Are you ready for what God has for you? You’re invited!


Classic Nights – Good old classic youth group fun, period.

Story Teller Nights – Someone will share their story of what God is doing in their life. Who will it be? Your small group leader, your friend, yourself???

Hot Topic Nights – We’ll highlight different hot topics in culture today from a Christian perspective.

Renew Special – Whether it’s Off Campus with your small group, or as a large group, we’ll have plenty of opportunities to have fun together as a community of God’s people somewhere inside or outside the church walls together.