Summer Trip – San Diego

High School Summer Trip

San Diego, CA

June 13 – 20, 2020

We will be staying at Christ Lutheran Church in Pacific Beach, the church Pastor Garman’s dad started and La Casa de Cristo’s youth group has been going to for over 40 years! Our Summer Trips are built around community service, fun activities and growing in our faith! We have opportunities to serve their church community, the San Diego Food Bank, as well as a cool demolition project. Then we have super secret fun activities and evenings of worship and messages about our desire for God to SPEAK TO ME. We always have surprises up our sleeves too, so get ready for an amazing trip you and your friends will love and forever be changed by!!


CLICK HERE to Register & Pay Online

Cost is $575 if you register, complete ALL forms and are paid by Sunday, May 17.

Early Bird Rate – Cost is $525 if registration, ALL completed forms and a $200 non-refundable deposit is received by Sunday, April 19.

A $200 deposit secures your spot and helps us with buying discounted tickets, down payments on vans, special activities and t-shirt orders!


CLICK HERE for the ONLINE Medical Form (Valid from 2020 through May 2021)

We require our participants to complete our Medical Form. This form will be kept on file and is good for ALL LCDC events through May 2021. You only have to do this once per year as long as the medical information hasn’t changed, WAHOO!!  Your registration is NOT complete without being submitted online. If you have already completed it for another event, you are good to go through May 2021!

Please also provide a front/back image of your health insurance card. You can either email or provide a scanned copy to the church front office. Thank you!

CLICK HERE to view our liability consent policies

Additional Forms

Please print, complete and deliver to the Church Office or at Youth Group. Blank copies of these forms will be available at Youth Group and the Pre-Trip Parent and Student Meeting. Please complete as soon as you are able. Your registration is not complete until you have turned these in. Thank you!

Pre-Trip Parent and Student Meeting

  • Wednesday, June 10, 6:30-7:30pm in the Sanctuary
      • We want to pump you all up for High School Summer Trip, offer a chance for parents to meet the adult youth leaders, overview some trip details, cover behavior and medical policies and receive:
        • ALL medications in original containers (prescription AND over-the-counter)
        • trip bank deposits
        • activity waivers
        • remaining balances
      • This meeting is required and we will have a check-in to make sure each teen/family has received our information and turned in ALL forms, medications and balances. Please contact Chris or Suzan if you are unable to make this meeting.
  • Questions???
    • Please email us at or bring your questions to this parent/student meeting!! We can’t answer all questions because some are surprises, such as afternoon activities and what’s for dinner, but we do want to assure you that your teen will be in good hands. We are so excited for this trip and have been praying and planning for it literally this entire year!

Packing List

    • Clothes for a week including:
        • An outfit for church on Sunday that you will also wear to explore a cool beach shopping area.
        • Work project clothes (Mon-Thurs, 4 days of work projects) including t-shirts, pants, tennis shoes (closed-toe-shoes) and socks!
        • Change of clothes for afternoon activities. Expect temperatures with a high of 75 and lows in the 60’s.
        • Light jacket or sweatshirt
        • You will get a sweet summer trip t-shirt to wear on Friday!!
        • Backpack for the van rides and various outings.
        • BEACH DAY: Swimsuit, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, sandals and a beach towel
    • Bathroom & Shower Stuff
        • Soap, shampoo, towel, toiletries (deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.), sandals
        • Swimsuit
        • Trash bag for dirty laundry
        • Trash bag for traveling around with wet swim suit and towel
    • Cash and/or Debit Card
        • When we attend Christ Lutheran Church’s Sunday service, we encourage everyone to provide a CHURCH OFFERING for being a generous host to us. Suggested amount, $5 cash or more.
        • There will be a couple SHOPPING OPPORTUNITIES.We explore these shopping centers in groups and each group will have adult leaders with them. Kids can buy hats, shirts, ice cream, coffees, etc. on these outings. Suggested amount, $25 or more.
        • We will visit an incredible THEME PARK for an entire day and will have their meals covered. All snacks and souvenirs will be for each person to decide. Suggested amount, $20 or more.
        • Although debit cards are allowed, we highly encourage kids to bring cash and deposit it in our TRIP BANKING SYSTEM to prevent misplacing/losing wallets which has happened. Our leaders keep track of amounts withdrawn when we open the bank for various spending opportunities. Based on the suggestion above, we recommend depositing $50 or more total cash.
    • Sleeping Stuff
        • Pillow (with your name on it)
        • Sleeping bag (with your name on it)
        • Foam pad (the size of your sleeping bag, with your name on it). We do not allow students to bring air mattresses larger than their sleeping bag.
          • PACKING TIP: Roll the foam pad up with the sleeping bag and PLEASE PUT YOUR NAME ON EVERYTHING!
    • Stuff NOT to Pack
      • Cell phones, iPads, handheld electronic games, etc. You will LOVE the real FaceTime experience!!
      • Definitely no alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs, knives, fireworks, lighters, vape pens, etc. An expensive one-way plane ticket home is not worth it.

Behavioral Policy

  • Be respectful of our time and schedule. We have strict return times for certain activities that allow groups of kids/leaders to shop or explore theme parks, expecting everyone to return to the agreed upon meeting spot. To ensure this rule is respected, we charge $5 per minute for each person late and will donate all monies collected to Pastor Jeff’s favorite charity.
  • We also have zero tolerance for bullying and illegal activity. It will be an act of love for us to get you an expensive one way ticket home to think about your actions. Parents/Guardians will be expected to reimburse the church for any expenses required to respond to such issues.
  • Link: Church Policy

Luggage Drop-Off

  • Friday, June 12 between 5:00-6:30pm
    • Everything above will go on the Moving Truck during our luggage drop-off.
    • If you haven’t already, please check in ALL medications in original containers (prescription AND over-the-counter)
    • Spending money to be used during the week can also be turned in.


TRANSPORTATION: We will be traveling in 15 passenger vans!

  • Departure TimeSaturday, June 13
    • Check-in at 6:00am in front of the LCDC gym
    • Hangout in the gymnasium until you’re dismissed to the vans.
    • Our goal is to leave the LCDC parking lot by 6:30am.
  • Backpack for the Bus Ride from LCDC to San Diego
    • Bible pen and highlighter
    • personal snacks
    • watch (you will not have your phones & need a way to tell the time)
    • sunglasses (optional)
    • hat (optional)
    • pillow (this is optional, you can send it w/ the moving truck on Friday)


Be checking during our trip for our daily blog videos! It is a fun way to share in the fun your teen is having on Summer Trip!


  • Saturday, June 20 by 3pm
    • We will send out text alerts with our estimated time of arrival.
    • If parents are willing to arrive by 2pm and help unload the moving truck, that will be great help!
    • Kids will help unload luggage from under the buses as well as the moving truck if needed.
    • If kids and parents are willing to stay and help relocate stuff to the youth room, kitchen or wherever things needs to go around the LCDC campus, we would be so appreciative.
    • Our chaperone drivers will be so tired from a full week and driving across the desert. If any parents are willing to help dropoff our vans near the Phoenix airport, we will be so appreciative!!! We will help arrange a carpool to bring parent drivers back.
    • Many hands make light work!


  • Questions: If you have any questions about scheduling or anything regarding this trip you need to talk about, Chris and Suzan would be glad to chat with you.
  • Financial concerns? Please don’t hesitate to ask for a scholarship. We believe money should never get in the way of how God wants to move in a teenager’s life. Click HERE to fill out our scholarship form and email it back to us.
  • Office number: 480-948-1234
  • Email: