May 12, 2020
My soul waits in silence for God only; from Him is my salvation. Psalm 62:1
How at ease are you with silence? Do you have to have a little background noise or media distraction when you are by yourself?

I do.  No matter what I am doing I like to have background noise.

Solitude and silence are considered spiritual disciplines of the Christian faith. They are inseparable partners that enable us to surrender control and learn to trust our Heavenly Father, who sees and knows all.

If you need help with this spiritual discipline you can start out small.
Spend 10 minutes alone today.  Try not to think of your to-do list.
Wait on God in silence. After all, in the presence of One who loves and treasures you, words are unnecessary. They can become a distraction. So be still, be quiet, and wait in silence for God and God alone.
Suzan Scudder

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