Greyson The Donkey

Hi, my name is Greyson, I’m a donkey, and I have my own show!  On my show we talk about donkeys because donkeys are the best!  Pastor Matt also interrupts my show a lot to teach things about the Bible.  Enjoy my show!

Episode 1 – Welcome to the Donkey Show

Greyson tells the story of Abraham

Episode 2 – Coveting

Greyson learns what it means to covet

Episode 3 – Psalm 121

Greyson learns of this Psalm of Ascents

Episode 4 – VDX

Greyson announces Vacation Bible Xperience

Episode 5 – Tough Roads of Faith

Greyson learns the way, the truth, and the life

Episode 6 – Season Finale

Greyson announces his future plans