The Donut Challenge

The Donut Challenge from La Casa de Cristo Youth on Vimeo.

Mrs. Pam challenges you to read ALL 150 Psalms before we return to youth group again. If you do this, she will make you the WINNER OF THE PRIZE which is a $10 gift card to a donut shop of your choice.


  1. You must be a LCDC Junior Higher.
  2. You must read ALL 150 Psalms before we return to REFUGE.
  3. This is an honor system, no cheating!
  4. You must also type your answers to these 2 questions and hand them to her when we return.
    1. What was your favorite Psalm and why?
    2. What did God personally communicate to you during your time reading the Psalms?
  5. You must like donuts or know someone who does.

Mrs. Pam will be doing this challenge as well! She wants to be a WINNER OF THE PRIZE too! There are over 70 LCDC Junior High kids and she accepts the challenge to provide prizes to ALL 70 if all accept her challenge!

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