September 26, 2020

Blessed are all they that wait for him!   Isaiah 30:18

Waiting is hard whether you are young or old. Waiting for your birthday when you are a child…waiting for the doctor to call with test results…waiting for an answer to a prayer…whether for good things or bad, waiting is difficult!

I came across a profound statement the other day. “When we wait on God, He is waiting till we are ready; when we wait for God, we are waiting till He is ready.”

When we petition God for our wants and desires and are waiting for results, we must always remember God is in control. We must give our requests over to God and only He knows when we will be ready to handle those wants and desires. 

And after the waiting is over and prayers are answered in God’s way, understanding that all these things are God’s purpose and part of God’s plan for our lives makes the path that much easier and the waiting much less difficult.

Jaci Olsen

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