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Wednesday Night Classes Spring-2020

Starting January 8th!

The Truth Project - La Casa de Cristo Scottsdale, Arizona Lutheran Church

Class:      THE TRUTH PROJECT: An In-Depth Christian Worldview Experience

Dates:       Wednesdays, January 8-February 19, to be continued on Mondays, February 24-March 30                    

Time:        6:45-8:30 pm

The Truth Project, led by Jan Robinson, is a starting point for looking at life from a biblical perspective. Each lesson discusses the relevance and importance of living the Christian worldview in daily life. In almost every area of life, the perspective of contemporary culture stands in direct opposition to the worldview presented in the Bible. God will use this study to expand your understanding of biblical truth and deepen your spiritual walk.

Fifteen-million people have participated in this study worldwide. Arrangements can be made to keep you up-to-date if you must miss a session or two.

Testimonies to this study are many. Here are a few to contemplate:

  • The Truth Project is a mind-expanding experience! I learned to examine and view topics of philosophy, ethics, science, government, history, law, and others through the lens of the Bible and understand their connection to the absolute truth of Jesus. The Truth Project is one of the most stimulating classes I’ve ever taken.
    Gina Bridgeman
  • I don’t think there is a greater need for the topics covered in The Truth Project than in the present. As Christians, we are impacted daily by an environment in which absolute truth is rejected. It is important that we are enabled to communicate and be confident in our faith in Christ and this study goes a long way to help us.   – Greg Erdmann
  • The Barna Research Group has revealed a stunning statistic: only 9 per cent of professing Christians have a biblical worldview. Each session is filled with information and strong evidence of the need for rediscovering “What is truth?,” the question asked of Jesus by Pilate. Linda and I have participated in this study and we give thanks for The Truth Project.   Pastor Lloyd Wallace

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Legacy Journey Ramsey Adult Education

Class:      THE LEGACY JOURNEY by Dave Ramsey

Dates:       Wednesdays, January 15-February 19                    

Time:        6:45-8:30 pm    

The Legacy Journey is a biblically-based course that teaches you how to live intentionally in order to secure your family’s future and leave a legacy for generations to come. Through video lessons led by renowned financial expert Dave Ramsey, class discussion, and interactive activities, you’ll delve deep into investing, estate planning, and purposeful living that will safeguard your legacy as you discover the keys to true generosity.

For more information, contact facilitator Joel Truemper at 630-514-1852 or

**Visit our Legacy Journey page to learn more about each class.

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Class:      ALPHA 1 and 2

Dates:       Wednesdays, January 15-February 19

Time:        6-8:15 pm (begins with dinner in the Gathering Place)

Experience hospitality, connecting with others, and a fresh look at faith in this six-week class. Through a highly acclaimed film series and open discussion, Alpha provides the opportunity to explore life’s big questions, to say what you think, and have meaningful conversation. Alpha 1 begins the course; Alpha 2 is a continuation of sessions that began in September.

On February 15, participants in both groups are encouraged to take part in a one-day retreat at the historic Squaw Peak Inn.

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